This is my blog. If you like it, then good for you, you probably have a good sense of humor and are at least slightly intelligent. My name is Tyler Long, and this is a damn fine blog to follow.
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Dude stop self promoing yourself. Your blog has dropped so much. It went from actually funny shit to just different ways of you saying "follow officialunitedsates".


hey bud thanks for this riveting review I will be sure to let my team know how you feel.  in the meantime may I suggest you put some water in a tray and stick it in your fridge so that you can create ice cubes that you can use to chill

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Five Night’s At Freddy’s is the new horror game everyone is talking about. Kid’s and parents alike come to the this new place for entertainment (like a Chuck E Cheese). At the night, it’s a completely different story.

Can you survive five night’s at freddy’s? 



You may also like Sound of Silence, a game that adapts to a person’s greatest fear

Cheeralism’s worst nightmare

This could be the terrifyingest game ever o.o

According to reviews and messages I’ve received, it honestly is

roosterteeth did a playpals of it and the people playing it didn’t get passed the 2nd night! It was horrifying owo

That’s how you know!

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Temminck´s tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)

The Temminck’s tragopan is a medium-sized, approximately 64 cm long, pheasant in the genus Tragopan. The male is a stocky red-and-orange bird with white-spotted plumage, black bill and pink legs. It has a bare blue facial skin, inflatable dark-blue lappet and horns. The female is a white-spotted brown bird with blue circular eye skin. The diet consists mainly of berries, grass and plants. The Temminck’s tragopan is distributed in forests of northern South Asia, from northeast India, northwest Vietnam, Tibet and northern provinces of credits: allandoopheasantry, zetaboards, Peter Stubbs